Well guys,
It is very sad that Dominion has been cancelled – the second season was really something to be proud of, something extraordinary. But I’ll be honest, it was not a surprise to me that we weren’t renewed because the viewing figures were seriously terrible – we started off lower than last year and continued to drop throughout the 13 episodes, barring one peculiar spike when we all thought the show’s fortunes had changed.
I am confused, though, that a show that did so well in its first year, and that so evidently stepped up to, and beyond, the plate in its second, should have actually lost its audience. Part of the problem might have been changing the night we aired, but, on the strength of our first season performance, it made sense that we would be able to stand on our own. Pairing us with WWF, however, might have been  a bit of a punt.  The Syfy policy of not doing publicity in the second year, but relying on word of mouth and social media, may have meant that a lot of our audience lost sight of us. Every week we trended on Twitter and yet the viewing figures failed to improve.
I had the honour and pleasure to work with some extraordinary talent on the show – both in front of, and behind the camera – and as the season progressed, it just got better and better. I have made some great friends, with whom I will always be in touch, and I am hugely proud of the work we did – I’m just sad that more people didn’t get to see it.
Thank you to everyone who supported Dominion, it has had a wonderfully loyal band of followers.

Lots of love,

Tony xxx

P.S. Bollocks seems to be the hardest word