We Have Taken Some Of Your Best & Most Frequently Asked Questions From Twitter
& Facebook, Sat Down With Anthony & Got The Answers That You, The Fans Wanted.

1. What, if any advice would you give to budding actors/actresses?
Same as I always have – if you really cannot imagine being content with any other way of life, then pursue it. Don’t look at it as a way of earning a living or achieving fame, but as the only means you have to satisfy the need to express yourself. If you decide it genuinely is the life for you, then don’t let anyone – anyone – persuade you otherwise.”

2. What is your favourite film?
For a long time it was Being there, but I showed it to my daughters, having raved on about it, only for the pacing to be a lot slower than I remembered. I must give it another look.
Okay – they were a lot younger and I just watched it with Em again. It is a beautiful film. Gentle, leisurely, funny, beautiful – and a remarkable insight into America in the Seventies.”

3. One of your most memorable or funny behind the scenes moments during filming?
Sitting with another actor in a very expensive car waiting for the scene to start, chatting about various accidents we had had or been witness to, on camera. He was in the driver’s seat. We were parked about thirty feet from the edge of a dock, and then, just to wind me up, he slammed the car in reverse and shot towards the water below. Unfortunately, he hadn’t seen a huge, ginormous bollard between us and the edge and he slammed into it with a sickening thud.
We sat there in silence for a few moments and then he suggested we might not tell anyone – until I pointed out we were wearing chest mics and that the sound guys would have heard him…
…and that the whole crew were standing on the other side of the dock – watching. I figured they already knew.”

4. What’s your favourite food?
“Thai and Sushi – so PanAsian pretty much does it for me.”

5. Current or childhood nicknames?
Ping – don’t ask.”

6. Most embarrassing moment on or off screen?
Sharing a room with another actor on tour – and, sometimes, with the landlord’s German shepherd. One night the other guy brought his new girlfriend back to the digs and I knew I only had a certain amount of time to fall asleep before they started… the inevitable. Lying there in the dark, squeezing my eyes shut, and the inescapable sounds soon began – closely followed by the noise of the dog, [who was with us that night], repeatedly scratching his cheek. It was a rhythmical, sort of squelchy noise – and I immediately knew what my room-mate would think. Sure enough, the next day he was purple with rage at what he thought was my contribution to the evening’s activities.
Still thinks it was me to this day, I believe.”

7. Favourite all time co-actor or co-actress?
I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some spectacular people, but I’d have to say Meryl Streep, pretty much, takes the biscuit.”

8. Who would you most like to act alongside in a future production?
So many I’d like to, but I’ve long wanted to work with the wonderful Ian Holm. And Anthony Hopkins.”

9. Would you ever consider heading down the directing path?
Have thought about it a few times – in fact, did direct a fringe show that my daughter, Emily, was performing in. They suddenly felt out of their depth and asked if I knew anyone who could help. None of my friends were available so I stepped up – and it was great fun.
I’ve contemplated directing TV a couple of times, Joss said I could direct Buffy and Johnny and Julian, Merlin. However, both shows had punishing schedules and, in the end, I bottled it – I saw grown men cry on Buffy fight days when they ran out of time, [with 15 setups left to film].”

10. How or what do you do to relax at home?
Being with my family is my favourite pastime. I spent so many years away from home and, even now, our respective schedules mean that we spend a fair amount of time apart. My particular treat is a family movie night, because they really don’t happen that often – well no one’s around for long enough.”

Love From Anthony. X