Okay. So, I have been hugely remiss of late, and have not kept the website informed of what I’ve been up to for a while. Erm… a while, right? Therefore, I will take this moment to update you and, along the way, I’ll add a little colour and perspective to my tale.

Firstly, Ryan Bonder’s movie, The Brother, in which I play a man used to getting his own way, and being responsible for others’ lives and deaths, and who is now descending into dementia – was just released in UK cinemas on Friday (16th September) and is available on Amazon. The story is about a young man trying to separate himself from his family’s violent history – they are arms dealers – and being inextricably drawn back into their fold. More info here.

I’m very pleased to say that another independent film I did a while ago, Despite the Falling Snow, recently won Best Film at the Prague Film Festival, Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible) won Best Actress – and I got Best Supporting Actor. Yay! More info here.

Then there’s Guilt, on ABC’s Freeform – it’s what used to be ABC Family – in which our youngest daughter Daisy had the starring role. It’s described as a “soapy” crime drama, which gradually reveals a variety of suspects in the investigation of the murder of a young girl in London. We visited Daisy in Budapest, where they shot the pilot, and met the writers. They joked that it would be fun to have me play her stepfather, and we all laughed. Then when the series came to be shot in London, the powers that be actually made it happen – I had a blast. More info here.

And we’ve got A Streetcat Named Bob opening in cinemas on November 4th. The movie is based on the bestselling book of the same name – the true story of how a ginger tomcat changed the life and fortunes of a young street musician/heroin addict, called James Bowen. When they approached me to play James’ father, I wasn’t sure how they would cope with telling a tale which is both grim and feelgood – would it end up falling between two stools or just be sickeningly twee? As it is, they did the most remarkable job – it almost feels like a French film – in that they’ve dealt with the bleak realities of someone living on the street, while Bob, who mostly plays himself, is an extraordinarily loveable character. Nothing twee about it. More info here.

That brings me to now, and I’m filming an ABC TV series for Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder) in Spain. The series is based on a book called Still Star-Crossed, about the political fallout in Verona, after Romeo and Juliet take their lives. Fun stuff, and all on location in the most stunningly beautiful cities – it looks amazing. The town we’re based in is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly welcoming. I have to pinch myself sometimes. More info here.