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    Before Using This Forum Please Take A Moment To Read The Website Rules & Regulations Concerning The Usage Of This Forum & The Website.

    This Forum Has Been Strictly Created For Registered Members & Can Only Be Viewed By Registered & Logged In Members. The Sole Purpose Of This Forum Is To Enable Anthony Head Fans & Followers To Chat To Each Other & Stay Updated. This Forum Is A Next Generation Modification Of The Original Chat Room & So Is Continually Being Developed.


    I Am Already A Registered Website Member But Do I Also Need To Register For The Head Room Forum?

    No. If you have already registered as a website member then you do not need to register again for the forum. Once you are a registered website member and are logged into the website then the forum will be visible to you and you can use the forum for chatting.


    How Do I Post A Reply To Another Member?

    Simply click into the topic you wish to reply to, scroll down the page and you will see the ‘Reply To’ box, type your reply into this box and click on the ‘submit’ button.


    Can I Start My Own Topic?

    Yes. Should you wish to chat about a different subject from what other forum members are chatting about then create your own topic post, to do so simply click on ‘The Chat Area’ from the menu located at the top left corner of the forum, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the heading labelled ‘Create New Topic in The Chat Area’ place a title for your new topic in the ‘Topic Title’ box and finally type your first topic post message into the box below and click the ‘submit’ button.


    I Made An Error In My Post, Can I Edit The Post?

    Yes, although this current version of the forum software has limited functionality so user edits can only be carried out by the original poster up to a maximum of 5 minutes after the original post was submitted, after the 5 minute post period has expired no further editing will be permitted by the forum software.
    To edit your original post click into the post you submitted and click on the ‘Edit’ button along the top menu bar of the post, make your corrections / changes and once complete simply click on the ‘Submit’ button again.


    Can I Edit My Own Head Room Profile?

    Yes. Your personal profile has many options that you can edit. Head Room members can upload their own avatar for use on the forum (100 x 100 pixels, no larger than 1mb in size) and also a cover image (1380 x 400 pixels, no larger than 1mb in size) similar to that used on Facebook. Please note that the forum will automatically generate a forum avatar for you should you choose not to upload your own image. Through your personal profile window you may also ‘Friend’ another member, check your notifications and view which topics within the forum you are most active on. To view or edit your personal profile or to view another forum members profile simply click on the member name below the avatar picture.


    As This Is A Forum Do I Then Need To Scroll Endlessly To Locate & View The Latest Post By Another Member?

    No. You will always find the most recent forum post at the top. The forum has been setup in such a way that the topic creators first post will always remain at the top of the forum allowing every member to easily see what the opening topic subject is about. We have also added coding that automatically places the latest replies posted to the top of the forum meaning no more scrolling through countless pages of post replies to locate, read and reply to the latest forum post.


    Another Forum Member Has Posted Profanity, Inappropriate Material Or Insults, What Should I do?

    We strive to make this forum a neutral, safe and enjoyable experience for all thus meaning all content should be suitable for all users and all age groups. The forum moderators and webmaster will take strict action toward any member posting insults, profanity, advertisements, promotional material, external links to unsuitable websites or any form of material deemed inappropriate and in breach of the website Rules & Regulations.
    If another forum member has posted something that has upset you, another member or you simply deem unsuitable for the forum whether text or image format please make us aware of the offending post as we cannot currently moderate all forum posts and topics. We have created a ‘Report’ button which can be located on the top menu of each post published on this forum. You can anonymously report any post you feel unsuitable by simply clicking on the ‘Report’ button on the offending post and a forum moderator and / or the website webmaster will automatically be delivered an alert to view and take action with the offending post and the member who published the offending material.


    I Wish To Share A Video With The Forum Community, Is This Possible?

    Yes. The current version of the forum software allows users to embed video from such sources as YouTube, Vimeo and similar by copying and pasting the embed code supplied from the source website into this forums message box. Should you wish to post such then please be aware of the website posting Rules & Regulations.


    I Would Like To Share An Image With The Forum Community, Is This Possible?

    Yes. If you have a self hosted image and you wish to place it into your post then simply use the basic HTML insert script to place a link of the image you wish share into your post. Again please adhere to the website posting Rules & Regulations.


    It States This Current Version Of Forum Software Is Continually Under Development, What Does This Mean?

    In short it means that we are currently running a beta or test version of the forum and are always looking at ways to improve the forum for you and so there may be functions added and removed whilst in beta version. This version of the forum software will run in beta version for a few months until we have added those functions we deem useful to you and removed those functions that are not regularly used or necessarily needed.



    - Content Update Pending -

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